QR code - How to avoid creating multiple pages for many QR codes?

Is there a way to link a QR code to dynamic data in a group on a page so that I don’t have to create multiple pages?
The case is a webapp that displays multiple stores on .index (page 1), when clicking on that store it sends user to page 2 (store info). Store info contains a group with dynamic data (name,address,phone…) for that store. Each store has a unique QR

Is it possible for the dynamic data on page 2 to change depending on the store’s QR that has been scanned? or do I need to create a page for every single store that has a QR linked to it?

Can you provide an example of the QR code of store?

You would just set page 2 as type STORE and then when the store is selected on page 1 the store should be sent to page 2, so it shows that data on the page.

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Thank you! That solved my problem.

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