QR Code navigation from a physical object

Hi together,

I have a very specific challenge that I require some help with: I’m offering a physical product that has an engraved QR code on it in my web application. When scanned, the QR code redirects to a specific user profile.

My problem: I need to preorder the physical product with a QR code engraved on it, so that when a customer buys it, I can link it to the required profile. What is a good way to approach this topic? Right now my thought was: Creating a new Data Type “QR Scan” with a fixed slug. The QR code is generated from a link like this: www.website.com/qr-scan/01 (01 = slug)
When a user buys the product, I go to the backend and connect the profile with the data type and the respective slug. The scan itself leads to a dedicated page “QR code Scan” that then redirects to the profile. This kind of works, but it’s also very slow…

Does anybody have an idea on how this could be solved more elegantly?


Hi there,

thanks for your thorough response! It’s good to see, that there are others that have to deal with a similar topic as well! :slight_smile:
I really like the approach that users can kind of manually decide where the QR-Code leads with this serial number. I will take this approach and modify it for my particular business case.

Many thanks akamarski!