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QR Generator removing second parameter Help Please

I purchased your plugin and am really enjoying it. I really need one feature that I can’t figure out how to work. I am trying to pass two parameters with the QR Code and it keeps cutting off the second after and including the &. Can you please help, I need this done for my event this week and I can’t figure this out. Here is what I tried and what it produced

Cpw-events Page Events unique id?VN=Current User’s Attendee Company&VB=Current Page Event’s Event Name

I also tried & but it just keeps cutting it off after the company name. I have literally been working on this for 4 hours, googling, trying researching, I don’t believe in contacting until I realize I am not smart enough to figure it out for myself. I tried contacting the plugin creator but his email bounced back.

Thank you for any help you can give.