Query Builder in "Only When" :max: not working

I have a query in the “Only When” section of a workflow that should provide the max value from a list of ages. In the debugger I can see the ages and they go from 36 - 95. However the :max: parameter is returning 75 or 55, not the 95 that I can see in the total column pull. Any advice?

Hi there, @will14… if you can share any relevant screenshots, I’m sure someone will be able to help you figure out what’s going on. Oh, and just a total shot in the dark, but it never hurts to make sure privacy rules aren’t getting in the way somehow.


Hi, thanks for your reply. Please find below some screenshots. The data appears to be there but it’s not being identified by the max function.


I believed you, but without being able to get more context by seeing additional screenshots or poking around under the hood, I can’t help… maybe someone else has an idea, though.

@mikeloc , the workflow is basically telling the page to wait to load until a thing inside bubble gets fully populated via API with calculated scenarios. I modified the initial pause before checking from 3000ms to 5000ms and it looks to be working more correctly now. I basically have a forced loop inside the workflow of pause – load page if – pause – load page if, etc…As I’m typing this out I think I know the issue. I copied the “load if” workflow items directly and pasted so rather than re-doing the :max: calculation, I believe the first max calculation was being used each time and because it was only given 3 sec to calculate, there wasn’t enough time for the database to be fully populated.

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