Query parameters and 404 pages

I’ve built a Australian property data web-app on Bubble that solely uses the index page, ‘go-to-page’ workflow and query parameters based on a suburb/postcode input.

If we use ‘Bondi Beach’ as an example, a user can input the suburb onto the homepage (go.chimni-dash.com) and the page will update based on a combination of query parameters linked to the app data, specifically ‘Postcode’, ‘Locality’, ‘State’ and ‘PL’ (Chimni Dashboard - Property Data & Analytics).

If any of the four parameters in bold above aren’t included in the URL, the page will continue to load but will fail to show the property data/information correctly (e.g. ‘Chimni Dashboard - Property Data & Analytics’).

I want to ensure these pages go to a 404 error page instead.

I want to make sure that if any URL has less than all four parameters, or the four parameters are ‘incorrect’, the page goes straight to a 404 error page. This is to ensure that any of these improperly functioning pages are not erroneously indexed by search engines.

Can anyone advise? Many thanks!

Add a workflow on page load that triggers navigation to 404 if the parameters are empty.

I’ve tried this but the workflow isn’t fast enough. The page starts loading regardless, takes 1-2 seconds and then goes to the 404 page. Consequently, search engines seem to think these are valid pages and are indexing them.

I believe the URL needs to immediately go to the 404. If I make up a URL (go.Chimni-dash.com/blahblahblah), the user goes straight to the 404.

However, if I add the ‘?’ for the query string to the URL, regardless of whether I include any query parameters or anything else, the page will start loading first and then go to the 404 page.

Is there a way around this?

Beautiful app—just checked it out.

I see what you’re saying now. I’m not sure it’ll be possible without the delay. How will users navigate to a new neighborhood? Can you just deter them from going there in the first place?

The search function should be used to find new suburbs/postcodes and when used, loads the 4 query parameters in the URL correctly.

Unfortunately, Google seems to be indexing pages with two of the four parameters, which should go to 404 page, but do not, and do not load fully/correctly.

Consequently, I’m stuck.

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