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Query with "joined" constraints


[my first post on this forum, please forgive me if i’m not clear enough :slight_smile: - i’ll do my best]

So my problem is to do a query to fill in a RG based on “joined” (SQL remnants :slight_smile:) fields.

The context is the following :
i have 3 types of table :

  1. Main
  2. Element
  3. User

Element has a field called Title and another field called Main (which stores the Main record it belongs to)
User as a field called Username and another field called Main (which stores the Main record it belongs to)

And Main has 2 “list fields” (Detail, Shared) respectively type-based upon the 2 above.

My goal is to fill in a RG with records from Main’s Detail field BUT filtered by the current username stored in Main’s Shared records.

In other words, i’d like to fill a RG with all the Elements the current user is able to access because of his presence in the Main’s Shared field :slight_smile:

i’ve been searching around on the editor and the forum, but unable to find any solution …

Any help much appreciated ! :slight_smile:



PS : if there’s no solution, i still have a plan B : the current user will have to preselect a Main before filling the RG. Might be easier with a test app so we can see the various linked data types. A few tools for your own testing: ‘is in’ / ‘contains’ are helpful in constraints dealing with list fields. ‘:merged with’ is good for connecting different data sources. Advanced filter gives you more flexibility for structuring constraints.