Question about and OpenAI Integration

I have the gpt working on my app however, I would like for multiple users to use it simultaneously. Currently it only supports one instance, and whomever is working on it that chat can be seen by all users, is there a way for each user to have their own chat? Thanks in advance!!

It seems like you are not applying search constraints on your data search. (or privacy rules for that matter)

Start off with privacy rules, as that fixes the root of the issue and secures your data (you dont want users to have access to other users’ conversations, as that is a security risk)

Go on the data tab > privacy > select the dataType in which you’re storing the data, and create a privacy rule that reads “This thing’s creator is current user” and click on View all Fields. Below that, a ‘everybody else’ section will appear. Unselect everything from there. This will tell Bubble Servers to not share data to other people except for the data’s creator.

You can read more about privacy rules (which are a very important feature of Bubble) on the docs.

You could also add search constraints to the repeating group: When you do a search for the data, add a constraint ‘Created By=Current User’, however if you have privacy rules set then this is redundant and not necessary.

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Thank you so much, I will try this today!!!

This was the exact solution! Thanks a bunch!

Hi, would like some advice please if possible. I’ve tried to go through Bubble but they have pointed me to the forum so please excuse any technical ignorance I have.

We are looking to create a platform that allows users to login and interrogate a GPT. The engine they interrogate and get their responses form - are unique to them and not part of the main AI engine.

So ultimately, if we had 10 customers, they would all have access to their own individual (trained) AI engine which will be unique to them - completely fenced and private.

Is this at all possible with bubble and the connectors/integrations that are available?

Many thanks for your help,