Question About Custom States

Hey, guys. So is there a way to set a state of something to multiple things? So if some one in this example was to select a “state”, is there a way to set its state to multiple things? Here is my AirTable for it. So if they selected Alabama, the states would be Vantis, Avolanta, Canvas. So instead of typing all of the “states” that have Vantis attached to it every time in a condition, I can do “Vantis States Only”. Let me know if that makes sense!image

(to answer your question succinctly)

You’re probably also wondering the “how”. It will depend on exactly what you’re trying to achieve. My guess is that the multiselect dropdown plugin might come in handy. Put that multiselect dropdown in the relevant group, enable auto-binding to the parent’s thing and, voilà.

You won’t be able to get the custom colors like AirTable’s. There are other dropdowns that might come in handy:


@joe5 's Smaal tags.


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Thank you! I would only need this on a backend. So the only thing the front user would select is the State. Then on the back end, it would tag the selection as a whatever custom state it is.