Question about database trigger event and autobinding

I was asking myself if autobinding database changes trigger Database trigger events ?

My tests say no, but just want to confirm. @josh ?

I had this same question. From my tests it doesn’t seem to trigger events. Did you find a fix @Sarah_Esteve? Or did you create a button to change them via workflow?

yes I finally did it with a wf

This needs to be more clear, tried everything to make it work with autobinding to no avail. @josh please have someone add this limitation to the docs. Trigger Event - Bubble Docs

Trigger events definitely work with autobinding… (in fact, for me at least, that’s one of their primary uses)…

What exactly do you mean you’ve not been able to make it work?

I really don’t remember hehe

Was a 2021 post :slight_smile: