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Question about dynamic form fields

Hi Guys,
First, thank you! i am in love with Bubble.

I have a question - not sure how to do that
if you have any video tutorial of something similar it will be great :slight_smile:

I would like to let the user an option to add more boots to the same client estimate.
First boot fields are already displayed because there is one boot for sure for any estimate.

Then, I placed a small button for “add another boots” (blue frame 1 image) - if the user clicks on it I would like to copy the boots fields (see in image 2 - white frame) and have automatically title of #2 boots .

if the user will click again on “add another boot” then I will have another duplicated boots form fields and so on and so on…

Since i am not sure how many boots the client want, i don’t have an idea how to do that (i can have a max of 20 boots in one form)

My questions are how to do something like this?
And of course how to store the information after that to the “estimates DB”?

Thank you!!

It sounds like you are trying to build a version of a shopping cart.

Check that out and model your cart around that. The functionality you are looking will be within the link above.

Also, not sure if your front end is written in English, you have a bunch of spelling mistakes.

Have a look in to repeating groups :slight_smile:

It’s basically a way to set up a table for displaying lists of things - so as your user adds a new item it will appear as a new row in that table. This means the amount of boots the user adds can be variable :slight_smile:

You could then have your ‘add another boot’ button initiate a popup with input fields for the new boot…then a save button on the popup that creates the new item based on the inputs on the popup.

Is this a form for creating a quote/estimate? If so you will need to set up your database something like this:

Datatype: Clients
Name (text)
Address (geographic address)
Email (text)
Client of (type - user)
Quote (list of quotes)

Dataype: Quote
Client (client)
Boots (list of Boots)
Quote ID

Datatype: Boots
Size (text)
Colour (text)
Brand (text)
Units (number)
Price (number)
Quote - field type ‘Quote’


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