Question about Iframe bot

Hi Community. I have a question regarding the iframe.

I am building a chatbot, where users can paste a piece of code into their website, so the chatbot is visible and working on their website.

Now, when I am testing it I have the following problems;

  • I cant figure out how to place the chatbot in the rigth corner
  • At the moment I installl the chatbot on the website, it overlays the current website or something, because I cant click on any buttons or something.

Any idea for this?

I guess that piece of code they will have to add to the <body> of their website, correct? Could you add a style="" to the code you give them and a couple of these parameters (I got this from the Loom interface where they have a floating ? icon).
CleanShot 2023-03-20 at 15.18.04@2x

Hi @rico.trevisan,
This is the piece of code I currently have, how would you add your idea within this?

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Can you share the URL of a page where I can see the widget?

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