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Question about lists

What I am trying to do is have an icon be visible if a list of things have a field that all reads yes.

So a task is complete when a list of subtasks are all complete.

Complete is a yes/no field on subtasks. I want the task to recognize when all the subtasks are complete. That way from a UI standpoint the task can show a different color or something. What I am getting right now is a red error that reads “text completed: states must evaluate to yes or no, but this is a list of yes/nos”

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is each task a separate field on the thing? a boolean? if so you could have the icon invisible and use a condition on the element of when current cells thing’s task 1 is yes AND current cells thing’s task 2 is yes AND current cell’s task 3 is yes,
this element is visible.

That would work for a fixed list.

For a variable list … that is going to be interesting. You would need to run a count for tasks that are incomplete, and if that is 0 then set this. Or something like that.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am currently working with a variable list and have added an item incomplete field which is a number. When the number hits 0 then the icon appears,


Great. Let us know, it will be an interesting pattern to record.