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Hi! I have a question regarding sending automatic e-mails trough my application. Currently, when you select the businesses you want to reach out to they are getting a automatic e-mail based on the campaign you made for it. But I want an new option for my users, where they can send e-mails based on their rating (see screenshot), this rating is converted to stars, but there is a number behind it.

So the question is: how can I give my users an option to only send e-mails to businesses who have a lower or higher rating then for example 3.

Hi Jona, definitely possible, just add a condition to the action that you use to send the mail like this:

Or when you use a search:

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Hi Gebert,

Thanks for your reaction! Great solution, thanks for that also. But to go more in-depth, I want the users to give the system a input, for example if the user only wants to send a mail to companies who have a rating more then 4 stars, but a other user wants to send a mail to companies with a rating lower then 2. How can I do this?

Thans in advanced Gerbert!

Hi J, that would be something like this:

  1. Add an input to the page:

  1. And use the value entered in the condition:

Hi there, @jona… just food for thought here, but I think the typical user experience for what you are describing would be to give the user a way to filter the list of businesses to those with a particular star rating, and then they can send an email to the filtered list of businesses. In other words, the filtering of the list and the action of sending an email are not necessarily related. The user is thinking they want to see businesses with a star rating greater than or equal to 3, so they filter the list to those businesses. Once they have filtered the list, they can interact with the businesses that meet the filter criteria, and one of the things they can do is send an email to those businesses.

Again, I think what I described above would be the typical user experience here, so just something to think about.


Thanks for the solutions guys! But one question for you @mikeloc,

I placed some filters on the repeating group, but it isn’t not working the way I want it work. I want the second filter be a filters wich filters the amount of user ratings, for example; someone searches for companies who have more then 50 reviews, or a other example someone wants to search for a company who have les then 25 reviews. How can I achieve this?

Thanks Mike!
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You could achieve it a number of ways, and one of those ways could be something like having radio buttons that work in conjunction with the second filter. The radio button options could specify Greater than or Fewer than, and you could conditionally change the repeating group’s data source based on the user’s selection.

Hi Mike, Thanks for your reaction. It is still not really working. See screenshots for my current setup, thanks for helping me Mike!

Getting there, but your conditions aren’t quite right. Here is an example where I have a reviews (number) field on the User data type.

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