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Question about signing in with Google error

Hello. I have 2 signup/login inputs and 2 signup/login buttons. When a registered user enters a wrong password and clicks on the login, a custom message “Wrong password” appears, which I configured in the workflow using the action:

I also have a “Sign in with Google” button. When a previously registered user using normal registration (not using “Sign in with Google”) clicks the “Sign in with Google” button, the system message “This email is already in use” appears. In the workflow, I added the appropriate action to display a custom error message instead of the system message:

But after clicking on the login button, selecting in the Google account window of a user already registered in the usual way, the system error message still appears:

Is it possible to make it so that instead of this system message, only my custom one (indicated in screenshot 2 in the workflow) appears?