Question about Sorting Repeating Groups

Hi, I just have a quick question about repeating groups. I am trying to create a repeating group in which I have a series of keywords from a drop down menu. Is there a way where I could make the things that contain those keywords appear first in the group but still have everything in it? Thank you.

(Your list filtered: thisItemContains dropdownKeyword’s value) merged with (Your list filtered: thisItemDoesn’tContain dropdownKeyword’s value)

I think this should work

Hm, for some reason that didnt work, it is now only showing the items that do not contain the keyword

I would suggest previewing your app with debug mode and clicking on the text box to see whats going wrong. You can access debug mode by ending the url with ?debug_mode=true

Ok, I’ll take a look, thank you

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I got it, its Your list filtered: thisItemContains dropdownKeyword’s value merged with Your list

Does that not duplicate values?

It doesn’t seem to be

That’s great!

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