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Question about stripe

Hi bubbles
I am building a platform where users can make their own business pages and sell products online.
I am in the progress using bubble stripe plugin.
I am aware that there is “register user as a seller” and that will require the user to register on stripe
But thing is, some users in my area might get confused using stripe , plus redirect them to another website might put them off.
I have heard of stripe custom connect, but it seem pricy.
My real question is,
If I don’t register users as sellers and take all payments on my stripe account, and store my users sales through my workflows, then I pay them every month for example, so for instance.
I will have my data show
User : [email protected] . Monthly sales: £70
And I do pay customer £70
Please let me know what u think ?
Thank you :blush:

you open yourself up to any issues as it relates to charge backs and refunds, plus your stripe account pays all stripe fees (of course this can be subtracted to what you pay the ‘seller’)

That is possible, but Stripe will also track all of that for you any way so you can set up the API calls to return in your platform all sales and if you have your API calls setup properly to accept Metadata parameters you can save the users unique id there so you can filter the total sales by a specific user to arrive at the total they sold through a month.

When using Stripe connect users shouldn’t be confused as it is very simple to understand the process that Stripe has put together as the UX and user flow for registration. In regards to redirect to the Stripe hosted page, you can customize the look so it is clear it is your platform sending them there with the Stripe Branding capabilities.

If you are interested in getting your app setup properly for monetization using Stripe and don’t want to be limited by a plugin and instead want full control over how your applications payments function and get so much more flexibility then you should check out my course on Stripe Integration. The course covers everything you would need to know to get things put together in a way that is optimal for your use case.

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Thank you so much man.
Will follow your course when I get home.
Thank you

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