Question about sub apps or handling a customer portal on our main app with a different subdomain

Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to find any information on this so was wondering the best way to do this. We have our main application, say I want to add a customer portal capability to it which ideally would be I could create a whole separate app just for the portal and use the Bubble App Connector plugin to connect the two, but ideally having them be on just one seems easier and is a lot less work as well as less expense, as the customer portal doesn’t have a ton of users on it to warrant it.

Is that where sub apps would come into play? And can I have 2 different subdomains for the same app, or would the main system and the customer portal both need to be I’m pretty flexible in terms of how I accomplish this, just was curious if that’s the purpose of sub apps or if they are used for something else.


what did you settle on in the end to achieve the sub-domain structure that you outline above?

did you end up purchasing 2 bubble plans, or did you achieve all of this in 1 plan alone?

Many thanks!

Any update on this? I have the same question