Question about suitability of Bubble for short survey assessment

I am trying to better understand the suitability for Bubble for designing different types of web experiences. In particular, I am looking to build a series of short, survey-like assessments that people can take to understand their behavioral biases and preferences. These types of survey instruments may require a series of questions (say 10 questions) presented in random order with answers in each question also presented in random order. Before the survey exits, a customized result based on a calculation might be made a reported to the user. As an example, you can see a working demo of a loss aversion calculator at this link (which measures a person’s sensitivity to losses): Personalized Finance Tools

I have programmed this type of short survey tool before in Qualtrics, but I was wondering what other options there might be. There seems to be limited amount of responsive, no- or low-coding environments that support this type of workflow with randomized branching and randomized on screen presentation.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any insights.

Doable in Bubble :+1:t2:

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