Question about Xano API

Hi! I got a problem involving Xano API.
Its in my login setup, i can create users, but when i try to log in, the workflow advances, but the “user” stay in the login page. It doesnt show any error, the page just stay still.
Inside Xano, the API to log in works as intended, inside API Connector works normally too. Sometimes looks like is something in the workflow, but early morning the setup was working as intended. I didnt changed anything, thus i remember.
I created the app months ago.

what workflows have you got on the button that says login (or signup?)

any conditionals showing groups or advancing to show the next page?

Hey, thanks for the reply!

I remade the workflow inside Bubble, and worked as expected. I dont know yet what caused the error, but happened when i was building the system to redefine passwords. Now its working too, but in the process, happened at least two times the issue, and i had to rebuild all the Bubble workflow.

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