Question around bandwidth cost involved and scalability

Hey Guys!

I’m working on a product that makes it easier for people share and sell files online.

My question is around Bandwidth cost involved and scalability.

I see Bubble offer 500gb monthly bandwidth. Is this too low for this type of app? Do they let you add more or is that only or even an enterprise option?

Has anyone got a bubble app thats scaling which involves uploading, sharing and storing large amount of files?

Bubble storage seems cheep enough at $3 per 100gb but its the bandwidth that is going to be chewed.

Any ideas on what WFU are being used for example to upload a 2gb file using BetterUploader plugin.

And someone shares a file the end user opens the s3 url in their browser, im assuming this is also using WFU and Bandwidth?

Any insight or experience with this is much much appreciated.


This isn’t cheap

Explore external storage solutions like S3 and Wasabi