QUESTION: how do I connect data to a day/date in bubble?

For example I want to track exercises, food ate that date, etc. to a day, then user can go back and see the data for the view, in chart/number format and can click that day or something to see past data for each day.

So any idea how I do this?

Do I have to make a new “day” data type item for each user, daily? and attach the user’s data for that current created day or what?


Hi there, @oiplive… every thing that is created in a data type automatically has a created date associated with it. So, no, you don’t have to do what you suggested; you would just search for things created for a user on a particular date. Make sense?


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Still warping my head around that but that does make sense and helps my thinking on it.

So would this approach work if I wanted to show a chart or visual calendar with like “X” on the day you did the exercises, but when you/user didn’t do anything that day, how do I display then empty dates… I dunno if that makes sense, but thank you!


Not sure if I understand, maybe do something like:

Search for xyz on date then add a condition to the element that searches to see if there is a xyz on the date, then if not, make element red and show an X.

Can’t be sure if that’s what you’re asking, I think that @mikeloc can probably explain better.

Good luck.

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Yes that’s what I’m asking. That is interesting solution to think about thank you!!

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