Question on parsing data from CAD or PDF blue prints

Hey guys,

I’m slowly learning the platform, very green to the world of app development in general though. I’ve been trying to see if it’s possible to design an application that would be able to identify data points from something like a set of blue prints in CAD or PDF format?

Something in the realm of uploading an overview of a house design for example with the measurements provided and the program telling you how much drywall, wood, etc. would be needed to generate a cost per project? I wasn’t sure where to start really and if this was even possible on the platform.

With default Bubble app alone this is not possible. You will definitely need to probably use Node.js or something like it to find modules already built to read PDFs and then send that data to your app via api or through building a custom plugin.

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Thanks William for the reply! I started looking into the Node.js information you mentioned, much appreciated. Realistically, could someone with little to no experience tackle this by learning? I know Ai seems to be able to generate code for Python and what not, so there’s definitely some assistance but I’m wondering if the foundational skillset could be learned just enough to get this accomplished. If so…where would one even start?

I used a coding bootcamp to learn about most of the things I know. Coding is basically signing on to a lifetime of learning because the technology is always changing and you could never learn it all. I know Udemy has some really good courses. Python seems to be the leading back end language now days, I learned Java. I think to get a good foundational understanding you should find courses on JavaScript. I know a few people who learned everything they know by themselves so its definitely possible. And this is just my opinion and I have only been developing since 2020 so I am sure there are many different opinions on the subject.

To answer the question though I think realistically you would get ahead a lot quicker with the Udemy courses and then with more experience you can research and learn on your own.

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