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Question regarding Dedicated Plans

For dedicated plans, that hosts private sites, do the user have to enter password every time they access the site or is it a one time thing? Could anyone explain regarding hosting private sites using dedicated plan in Bubbles?

There is no difference with the main cluster. If you set up a password in the settings tab, the app in run mode will be password protected, both on a shared plan and on dedicated

So every time the user wants to access the app, they have to enter the password for it?

If you have the app set up with password protection (in settings), then yes. If you don’t have it set up with password protection, then no. :slight_smile:

Regarding Amazon Web Service, will we be able to set which range of IP that could access the site?

I don’t think you can do that from Bubble directly. Possibly some other way, but I’m not sure how.

You’ll get a fixed IP if you’re on dedicated.

can you explain more on this?

If I’m not mistaken, it sounds like they are asking if it’s possible to restrict access to her site based on the user’s IP.

Yes…that is true…is it possible?

No, this is done through the password