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Question to bubble page to PDF converter

Hello dear community,
I use the plugin “bubble page to PDF converter” to create a PDF. But so far I have only found out how to create this PDF on the self page. Is it possible to create a PDF from page XYZ (with dynamic data) on page ABC?
Friendly greetings

I don’t think they have that capability yet. It can only make a pdf of the current page. I handle this by creating a button that opens the page I want to print in another tab then you can either make a “popup” to say to download PDF or just set a timer and do it after the page loads completely so the user doesn’t need to do another step.

@levon can correct me if I’m wrong.

SelectPDF does what you are looking for but it will cost you more money.

Thank you for answering @J805,
So far I have used SelectPDF, but I need for the PDF individual height and width information, this does not support SelectPDF unfortunately.

Thanks for your tip, I will try this variant.

@J805 is correct, right now it’s only possible to print the current page. When (And if) Bubble’s server side code allows using external libraries, then other pages can be converted as well

Thank you so much for the answers. So I will have to create it this way for the first time and hope that it will be possible someday. :slight_smile:

If i got you right, you can do this via JS. You need run js which catch XYZ of selected page or single element and then print ( display) result in html or in whatever element you want. Then you put this results in your converter pdf settings using custom format: (result of X), (result of Y), (result of Z)