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Question: updating a field based on updates on same "Make changes" action

I have a “Make changes” action that adds a thing (based on a long expression) to a field on a parent entry, and i want to save (on the same action) the above mentioned thing to another field on the same entry (but without writing the expression again).

Can i just refer to the parent entry’s thing’s above-mentioned field’s thing, (by relying that the first line was saved before going to the 2nd line)?

Or i’ll have to do it in another separate action after this one?

In other words: are those fields being updated in the same order as in the action?

Yes, they’re updated in the same order

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Actually, after intensive testing, i see that it is not true.

It seems that since the first expression is more complicated, the 2nd piece of data gets entered before the 1st!

Or, its possible that it does work in sequence, but the expression: “this entry” means: this entry in a state that it was before this action.

I might be wrong

You’re right. Thank you for correcting me

Thats refering to sequence of “actions” within a workflow, not data pieces within an actions

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