Questionnaire type search function to filter results

Hi I am new to bubble and skill level is no more super admin in salesforces, some HTML, so not a coder, so this may be a “dumb” question:

Does Bubble support a questionnaire type search, where user answers series of questions --depending on answers the logic branches to other questions – to produce a filtered set of results, (e.g. a list of service providers or products?) I don’t see a template for this.

I have a specific use case for this where the user/buyer needs to be guided through a complex market place involving gov. regulation, benefits etc, to see what their options are.

Any advice or guidance much appreciated!



Simple answer. Yes … Bubble can do this.

Not so simple … but fun!

  • Build you dB structure
  • Build a UI
  • Build logic

All the above will enable to deliver the experience you want for your users.

Sorry for the oversimplified answer. In short … the app you describe can be built with a relational dB which is what Bubble uses … the UI as you describe it … can also be built precisely because Bubble is a blank canvas and you can bring to function an app like this! :+1:

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