Questions on Price Plans

We are at the verge of choosing a paid plan for an app that we have been developing on Bubble but I have a few questions regarding some of the options in the paid plan section as highlighted in the screenshot below. Please note that we are trying to develop a social media platform and convert it into native mobile app and to be able to test it on a few users to start with the aim of scaling it to a large level later on. I look forward to your reply

On free an personal plan, you are on a server where you share capacity with other apps. This mean that another app can affect your app speed and workflows because you share server capacity. In pro and prod plan, you have reserved unit capacity, so your app is not affected by other apps.

Scheduled workflow. Bubble talk more here about scheduling Recuring WF. They are backend Workflow that you set to be recurring. Depending of the plan, you will have different options for the recurring time. (each day or each month). [New Feature] Recurring workflows

White labeling mean that you will not see the Built on Bubble banner at the bottom.
On free and personnal plan, you have 1 dev version. But in pro or prod you can have more. This mean that you can work on one version and someone else can one on another version and you can push live each of them independently. So if the first dev update is ready, you don’t need to wait for the second user to complete before pushing live. Usefull when for example, you want to make an update that will take time to develop while another version is used for quick fix of issues submitted by your users. [New Feature] Multiple versions

for logs, I highly suggest you to check in your apps to see what is logged by Bubble. Check your logs tags and enter a time period to see what was logged. Also, click on advanced to see more things.

To know more about sub apps: Sub Apps - Bubble Docs

File storage are just for file. So any file you upload to Bubble goes to an AWS S3 storage. This will use your storage limit. You can always store your files somewhere else (your own S3 storage for example).



Thank you so much for providing this explanation. Can I just ask, would we need to go on a paid plan before we can convert the web app into native app using platforms like Jasonelle or Nativator? Also, in terms of conversion, which conversion platform would you recommend as a better option in terms of ease, speed and cost of conversion?


I don’t know much for conversion on a webapp from Bubble to a native app. I know all two your suggest + BDK and also Codeless Academy. You can search forum about theses three options to see users experience with them.
For Jasonelle, the #1 ressource I think is @JohnMark
For BDK, you can ask @gaurav
For Codeless, @natedogg
And for nativator, I think @Sam Is the guy to ask :wink:


Thank you very much.

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You could convert with thunkable too. I can help on that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How does that compare with Jasonelle and nativator?