Quick database question

I’m in the process of putting together my database schema. I just had a quick question that relates to redundancy. Lets say I have a new data type I’ve created thats a jobPost, bubble creates the 4 standard fields for the new data type which includes creator, created date, modified date, and slug. Would it be redundant to specify another field in jobPost as lets say, jobPostCreator, of type user, since bubble already creates this? What is the advantage or disadvantage of specifying user twice or is it not good practice to do this? Thanks!

There is a difference between the default Creator and any other user field. The Creator will always be the user who created that record. In contrast, regardless of the name your give to the other user field, you can assign any user to that field.

Advantage - it allows flexibility and also if the “system” creates something then the user can be blank
Disadvantage - you need to remember to use it. Can be complex when you then want to add a Modified by

Thanks for the responses. That’s what I thought. The default user is always set to the user who created the object. So depending on the object and use having another field could be useful or tedious or even useless. Can you clarify what situation would arise where the system would create something where user would be empty? Thanks!