Quick question on workflow structure regarding performance

So I have a bunch of workflow steps that each create a thing and then, the last step of the workflow, is adding all these to its parent thing. Right now my structure is this:

I wonder if adding the thing right after it’s created would be better? (ie.: 1)create thing > 2)add step 1 to… >3)create thing > 4) add step 3 to…)


Performance would be much better as a backend workflow. I also don’t quite understand the context of creating all those things in the workflow the suggest other improvements.

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Hi @christo1! thanks.

The use case is a ‘contract’ builder. Each form input is a thing displayed on a RG

It’s set up in the backend btw.

So are the inputs on the RG know pieces of text, already stored in their own table on a database or are the things created in the workflow for the first time based on free field text inputs? I am just trying to figure out why you are recreating all those things to add to a final thing…

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Thanks, received

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