Quick question regarding a brain user interface based software

Is it possible to make a interface that would read the brain impulses and convert the user’s ideas into full ready to publish and sell games and software?
How would it do this? You ask, well if they own a emotive epoc it converts focus into instructions for the computer.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article Brain–computer interface. This is an area of research. I’m not aware of anyone offering a product that actually uses it to control anything. Converting a user’s idea into code is lightyears beyond that.

Lightyears measure distance not time and also by 2050 we will have perhaps even perfected this technology and software

It’s just a matter of time until neural interface is the default way of communicating with technology. At that point it is conceivable we will have something of a “Brain API” that devs could connect to (…if they could POST data that might make for a RESTless sleep…).

You might be interested in seeing what is currently possible with GPT-3 and natural language processing e.g. creating Figma designs by describing the app.

I think there’s a plugin for that :laughing:

No seriously, you can take a look at these interesting projects:

Well currently people can type text by using thoughts so that type to describe to create engine could be the most powerful and impressive and interesting solution for what I am looking for. However the big question is how complex are the things it can create for example can it create AAA games for consoles and the HTML5 and tablet devices and desktop computers and laptops and MacBooks?
They use the emotive epoch to use the power of focus and concentration to do typing

RESTless sleep! Good one! Haha :slight_smile:

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we have published a plugin for OpenAI GPT-3 :slight_smile: - 🧠 Artificial Intelligence by OpenAI GPT-3 - New Plugin from Zeroqode

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