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๐Ÿ“š Quickbooks Accounting - New Plugin from Zeroqode

it has just been approved - check it out here

I am having a problem where the oAuth works fine on the live verison but it is spitting back an error on the version-test dev site. The authenticaiton works and i get the realmID but then bubbles spits out this errror.

You need to add all redirect urls to quickbooks
Including the ones with version-test and with debugger

I did but it still does thatโ€ฆ here is what i put.

but you also need to specify the page from where you are initiating the user authentication
for example or

So i added the page url but it still does not work. 5 is the max amount of URIs that can be added. Here is a screen shot showing the URL, the error, and the URI in quickbooks matching. Also, this is only on the dev site. The actual site works perfectly. It still pulls the RealmID and authenticates fine. Just gets that error and none of the API calls workโ€ฆ but only in dev. The production site there is no error and the API data is fine

They have separate keys for development and production. Did you put the development keys in the appropriate fields of the plugin settings?

Yes i think so

or maybe you used the live keys both in dev and live fields of the plugin settings?
Iโ€™ve just checked our demo page, we didnโ€™t put anything for dev and filled out only the live keys.
this is what I mean

and this is what we have in the quickbooks settings

this way it works both in dev and live

Wait so are you not using the generic redirect URL?

we are, itโ€™s the uri 5 in the list
Did you check our demo page?

Yea that is what i was trying to referenceโ€ฆ which is how i got the live version to work perfectly. Just cant figure out why the dev one authenticates but errors out after

i will try removing the dev keys

yes, thatโ€™s what I suggest

And here is comment from @jarrad who created this plugin

The reason the QuickBooks Dev side doesnโ€™t work as expected is because when you use your QuickBooks development keys the plugin calls should then be sandbox urlsโ€ฆ so unless we make a whole another copy for Dev then you just use live keys in both dev and production in bubble.

or just remove the dev keys and itโ€™ll be the same

BAM! Took out the keys and it works perfectly now.

Now i can move on to what i wantedโ€ฆ which is attempt to create an invoiceโ€ฆ which so far i failed at properly formatting the JSON to successfully do that. I image this will be a learning curve to get that to work right.

Great, glad it worked, experiment with it a bit and if in trouble post some screenshots here, weโ€™ll try to help