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QuickBooks Integration - Follow Along as I Struggle [So You Don't Have To]

After a really quick search, Pathfix seems like an option to explore further when I get the time. Here’s a video of using Pathfix on

Hey @brad.h I was just about to share that video with you (i’m the creator, don’t work for Pathfix though just working with them to get this up and running in Bubble). For Quickbooks its worth knowing that you have to pass the Realm ID in with pretty much every API request.

The way you get the Realm ID is via the Oauth call, and since Pathfix is doing this on your behalf, you won’t see the response. However a nice (currently undocumented) feature is that you can use a variable whenever you need to pass in the Realm ID as part of an API call. I can’t recall what the variable is but you’ll need to figure that out once you have pathfix set up.

Good luck and shout if you need any help. Thanks

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Hi @brad.h - did you manage to get Pathfix working by any chance?

@brad.h @stu_bowes @dantidmas88 @rico.trevisan the team at Pathfix is working on releasing a plugin for Quickbook, which should be out by this week!

Here’s what the plugin will handle:

  • entire OAuth process (setup, tokens, connectivity)
  • we store the realmID (so you no longer need to worry about it)
  • calls to the relevant APIs (no setup or configs required from your end)

The following APIs will be part of the plugin:

  • Company info
  • Add Customer
  • Read Customer
  • Update Customer

If there are any other objects you are looking to add, give us a shout and we will add them to the plugin before our release :slight_smile:

Hi - yes, other objects we’d need would be suppliers, invoices, payments, Chart of Accounts and would need CRUD for all. I think it’s the connectivity that’s the main challenge so adding these calls will hopefully be feasible. Looking forward to seeing what the plugin can do!

@Pathfix this all sounds very interesting. I’m looking forward to it.

@stu_bowes not yet. I’ll wait for the plugin from Pathfix.

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Thanks @stu_bowes

Could you elaborate the extent of the read functionality you would need? QB offers the ability to query all of the objects you have mentioned with parameters. When we release an API, we would have to hardcode these parameter combinations in Bubble.

The most valuable for me is the auth. I would be even open if I had to create the calls myself on the API Connector.


you are right, you can use the API Connector and connect with QB. It will definitely give you a more granular level control over QB APIs.

Go through this video posted by @dantidmas88 to do your initial setup and ping our team on chat if you are having any difficulties


Hi - My application needs to allow users to connect to their QB organisations and get, post and put all the objects mentioned. So generally, the call would need to get the query parameters from my bubble app, which would in turn depend on the scenario. Sometime it would be fetching a bunch of invoices, sometimes, just new invoices, sometime posting bills, sometimes, updating a specific bill, etc. Does that answer?

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@stu_bowes @rico.trevisan @brad.h we just published our first plugin to Quickbooks - Customers and Invoice.

Here is the link to the Quickbooks plugin page for you to access it.

Note: You will need to install the Pathfix Connector Design plugin first so it can render the visual element (connect button) on your page.

Additionally, to meet your query requirements, we will expose an API in the same connector that points to the following endpoint of QB:

GET /v3/company//query?query=…

In the mean time, we would love for you to try out the plugin :slight_smile:

I am working on testing the Pathfix integration with Quickbooks. I will update of my progress.

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@stu_bowes @mikebhobbs We’ve released a short video that shows how you can link a repeating group to an external API for QuickBooks.

Also, we have added 2 additional APIs to the QuickBooks plugin:

  1. Customer search
  2. Invoice search

Examples of customer search:

  • Metadata.LastUpdatedTime > ‘2021-01-01’
  • PrimaryEmailAddr.Address = '[email protected]
  • GivenName = ‘Bill’
  • BillAddr.City = ‘Half Moon Bay’
  • Balance > 250
  • CompanyName = ‘Adam’s Candy Shop’
  • id in (‘64523’, ‘18761’, ‘35767’)
  • active = true
  • Balance > 250 and active = true
  • GivenName LIKE ‘K%h’ AND FamilyName LIKE ‘Palm%’

Examples of Invoice Search

  • TxnDate >= ‘2021-01-01’
  • CustomerRef = ‘1’
  • id in (‘64523’, ‘18761’, ‘35767’)
  • MetaData.CreateTime >= ‘1990-12-12’

More information on how to build your search queries can be found at

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@Pathfix, I am no expert by any means. But am wondering, you mentioned you expose an API in the same connector that points to Get (whatever query the user might want). Can you show an example of how that would work?

I am trying to set up the Change Data Capture API call to QB and it would be extremely helpful to just be able to have the set up so that authentication is taken care of and we could manually enter any API call we would want.

Apologies in advance if this doesn’t make any sense. Trying to connect the dots as I go.

Also, any chance this would work with the QB Sandbox environment as well so we can test with it? That would be fantastic.

hey @sjeftijssen, welcome to the community!

You don’t need the Pathfix QB plugin for what you are trying to do. Mainly because once you initialize the response, Bubble remembers the data types returned which makes it impossible to provide a generic routing with a usable response across all QB APIs.

There is some good news though - you can configure the Bubble API Connector with Pathfix to achieve exactly what you are looking to do.

Here is the link to a video created by @dantidmas88 that shows how you can setup the Bubble API Connector with Pathfix.

Difference between Sandbox environment and live is just the endpoint urls, which doesnt really have an effect on the API configuration.

Hey @Pathfix thanks so much for the quick response. I am going to have a look at what you sent and see where we end up.

Btw, used your plug in earlier and that works well. Main thing I’ll need for my use case is to be able to pull in any changes that happened to both the Invoices as well as Customers. With that, I should be able to get pretty far.

I’ll also check out Pathfix to see if I can use it for other use cases.

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@Pathfix thank you guys so much. This is awesome!

Was able to get the QB connection working using Pathfix and now able to make any API call that is possible.

I am sure I’ll run into some things when testing it with 3rd parties that try to connect to their QB accounts but so far so good. Exactly what I was looking for.


Thanks so much for that amazing feedback @sjeftijssen :slight_smile:

There are some header attributes that Pathfix uses that would make Pathfix APIs much easier to use with Bubble.

Do reach out to us on chat support (through your Pathfix dashboard) and we will walk you through it.