Quickest way to manage a grid of fields for reuse/modification

Hi everyone,

I love Bubble but I’m having an issue in one area that slows me down, was wondering if there’s any plugins or tips tricks etc to assist.

Basically we use Salesforce as our CRM, but any CRM would work the same in that when you create a page layout, you typically are selecting things like 2 columns for fields and so on. You can then just drag and drop all your input fields and they automatically go into place on the grid, 2 fields per column, letting you change the fields around, easily move them and so on.

With Bubble I just find it tedious as whenever I create a new page layout it’s time consuming to lay out all the input fields. When I want to change one or move ones, you have to expand the group for it to fit, and then try to position the new field etc. If you want to swap field 1 with field 5 you can’t really just drag and drop them but have to cut and paste or take note of field 1’s position, then move field 5 to that same coordinates and so on.

I find it especially tedious when someone wants a new field added, as I then have to move everything around on a page to make room for the new field, where it would be nice if there was a way to just drag and drop the new field in easier.

Just curious if there’s any faster or easier way to do this. Here’s some generic CRM system screenshot editing page layouts where you just drag and move the fields around. Would love something like that, but not sure if it’s possible.