Race Conditions: Beware of Using List Fields in Objects If You Plan To Scale

Thanks for the detail and bringing this up. I have had constant issues regarding this in my own registration type app. Each year there is a specific event that I faces race condition issues. I’ve tried lists, searches and almost everything I can think of, nothing has worked perfectly - so while I would say Searches are better than Lists for this, they still have drawbacks.

My most recent solution for this specific event worked, but would be costly with the WU pricing (searches and then double checking searches for timestamps) and slightly ‘clunky’ of a UX that it would not make sense to use as a standard registration process. So I can toggle certain events to have this registration flow turned on.

I don’t know if there is a simple solution to this unless Bubble works on something for us as it’s just not structured for a high demand app like this, which I’ve mentioned here before

More on the subject here: