Raced the Iowa Caucus to build a backup voting app in Bubble (BackupCaucus.com)

In light of the recent technical difficulties with the app used in the Iowa Democratic Caucus a few coworkers and I wanted to test out what a functional caucus app might actually look like if built in Bubble. And just for fun, we decided to see if it was something we could build and release before all of the precincts had finished reporting.

Right now, it seems Iowa has 71% of precincts reporting, and BackupCaucus.com is live. Meant to just flex some Bubble chops, and see what a no-code solution would look like compared to the tech problems many are claiming the development company in charge of the real app showcased. Hope you play around with it!


just checked it out and it looks good. minor error. looks like it should say “Your Precinct is BU/HA/MO/NB/Davis City/Pleasanton” But right now it says “You Precinct is BU/HA/MO/NB/Davis City/Pleasanton”

Thanks for the catch, just corrected it!

Pretty sure at issue was that they did not distribute the app through the app stores. Because of this, end users devices through an ‘untrusted developer’ error.

Rookie mistake.

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