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Radio Buttons: Can you make radio buttons mandatory field

I am creating a simple form/test, roughly 10 questions per page. I am using 3 radio choices (satisfactory, unsatisfactory, & not applicable) I need 1 of these 3 choices mandatory on each of the 10 questions. My goal is to have the user hit next, but without the option until all of the questions/radio’s are filled out before they can move on in the form.

Can you simply add the field so “this input should not be empty”?

Shouldn’t an option be selected by default? Since the radio button can’t be unselected, it will not be empty no?

No, that would be ideal @emmanuel but currently I am unable to click “next” and make it so the user can’t move forward until all questions with radio buttons are filled out. Can you maybe add that field to the radio buttons? “this input should not be empty” and also “time” as a data field? Appreciate your help as always @emmanuel

Adding this now. You can how pick ‘this input should not be empty’ for the radio button as well.