Radio element not visible

When the app is used with some smartphone browser or as native app, some element is not visible, for example the text of radio element

I would check your formatting, text size, element size, cell layout, etc. It’s very possible it’s there, but it isn’t fitting and is getting cut off instead.

When the page loads, the text appears for a second and then disappears. I tried changing the font and layout but it still doesn’t work.

How are they being displayed - is that a repeating group they’re in? The fact that the radios themselves are still there, but the text disappears still makes me think its a sizing issue.

If you use Chrome Developer tools to preview mobile sizing on your desktop, do you see the same issue?

I don’t use this tool, It appears only on Android smartphone, not in iPhone

Can you put a link here I can look at?

Editor’s page link?

That would work!