Radio Input Values aren't showing up and Slider Min/ Max values unable to be filled out

Hey everyone!
I am in the editor trying to add a slider or radio input and neither are working. When I create a new app and try there they do work. In my editor for a project I’m following along with they don’t. The slider I can’t select min/max to change the values. The radio buttons I can type my choices but they aren’t showing up either.


Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 1.51.24 pm|690x352

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Hello @recipelistinfo

Using Chrome:

Perhaps you can experiment using another browser. Also … explore if there is a plugin on the page that may be causing conflict. In the forum there have quite a good number of folks experiencing problems with plugins. Bubble just added some functionality that requires plugin authors to update their plugins.

I’ve tried all different browsers, it works within the same browser just in a different app. It’s file specific to the app I’m making where the issues lies.

What do you mean with file-specific?

I also have no plugins installed

Any other file (project) that I open there isn’t an issue, it’s only the one i’m working in. So If I were to start from a blank slate it’s fine.

So … it happens when uploading a specific file using what it seems is an uploader input right?

No sorry, forget the mention of file as that’s just confusing. In my Apps section, I have 3 apps. The only one I’m having an issue in is the first one. I don’t encounter these issues in the other apps. In all other apps, radio buttons and sliders work besides the one I’m working on, the first app. Thanks for your patience.

Compare the versions among the three apps. Do not update them yet. The differences may guide you towards where the problem may lie with possible Bubble updates “messing up” that input:

They are all the same version unfortunately, do you want access to take a look?

Seems it is working

Nice thank you! More importantly how do I set min and max for my slider. Radio buttons were just a fall back as the slider wasn’t working.

Hope this helps :+1:

An excellent learning resource for many more topics >

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