Raising Money Is Painful, But it doesn't have to be

Raising money for a startup is often really hard and painful. However, it doesn’t have to be… In January of this year, I attempted to raise a seed round for a PR related startup I dreamt up and when doing so uncovered an even bigger problem, startups are disrupting basically every industry around them and yet we still send around pdf’s to share our idea. As someone who also likes to have as much data and information regarding how potential VCs/Angels were interacting with my deck, the basic powerpoint pdf wasn’t cutting it. So, I founded SimplePitch, a modern way to pitch your startup – proudly built on Bubble.

SimplePitch is a pitch site builder that enables you to present your startup in an engaging landing page format to send to potential investors and gain valuable insights along the way. It’s the piece of software I wish I had when I was raising money earlier this year. I am a first-time entrepreneur still in high school actually, but believe that there has to be a better way to share your startup’s message regardless of how many slides your pitch deck has in it !

For more info here is our pre-launched product hunt page !


Wow, how feature-rich! I like your setup. And in high-school. Watch out MaRS discovery district!

A few things that may be cool to see in the future: where do I see a list of “public” ventures I can invest in? Also why do I have to sign up before creating a pitch deck? Can’t I sign up halfway through the process or if I chose to make it public once it’s built? That’s a lot of initial user friction for a 2019 app :wink:

Nice site, @campbell! Very well designed and presented. Best of luck!

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Well done @campbell! The introductory video is informative and to the point. Best of luck in your ventures!


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Really cool idea, and I can already think of a couple features you can add down the road to grow this concept…

Some quick feedback:

  • You have a typo in your video on PH (Small, but people will notice this right away):

  • If you take a look at the most successful pitch decks (Uber, LinkedIn, etc), you’ll notice that many of them use visuals - and present the pitch like a story. Just something to think of, since on first look, it seems like your pitch-deck concept is mostly just text.

Cool concept though! Looking forward to seeing how you grow this out.

Greatly appreciate your feedback !

Thanks for taking the time! Those are both great pieces of user feedback which I will absolutely take into consideration! If you have any other ideas I would love to hear them :slight_smile: