Random allocation of Multilist items to users

Hello fellow bubblers! Wondering if I can ponder your brains a little!

I am looking to allocate Random & Even items from a Multilist field items to the participating users in another field in the same table (thing)
I have them saved in a new table (fruit dist) as below (all selected items in one field) with the participating users in another field (I used filters to the results in RG & saving the result as a new thing in DB)
Result I am expecting: Random 2 items allocated to each users as below:
Looking forward to hear from you all!

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Hi iwalkisee2017,

I think you are looking for something like this.

in that example i make each users image equal to a random item
instead you want to do: make changes to user:
add to list: do a search for (things) filtered, using advanced filter
that only takes items whose ordernr is even and then: random item, and that a few times

in my example my items are called listtips, and each of them has an order number (1-100 ) so I only take even ones by using modulo 2: 0 (remainder if divided by 2 is 0 meaning the ordernumber must be even.

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Thanks Bud! Great Idea and I learned something new as well!

In my case I have to make sure each user gets all items in subsequent shuffles. Your video & workflow triggered an idea which I used to solve my problem which is below:

Will sort the items randomly and have separate workflows based on number of users participating in each shuffle (set number “state” based on participants count).

Then on each workflow, I have Multiple constraints looking for specific item#s, like Item#1, item#3, item#5 and so on based on # of participants).

So done with one challenge and many more till I can get done with the MVP! At least I am enjoying this process!

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