Random Indent issue

Hi, today I noticed that some of my boxes are now being indented where as yesterday they were fine. Nothing has been changed.

Furthermore, it behaves exactly as expected when viewing it in the responsiveness mode. I have no strange conditions on these boxes. It simply shouldn’t be behaving this way. A quick test seems to imply that the issue is related to the the ‘add space between’ value, which is now being applied to the start of the group, even though it’s set to hard left align. Crazily, the ‘filters’ group underneath it is EXACTLY the same settings, yet it’s not got the indent.

What i am most concerned about here, is that bubble keeps messing with my app in this way (by accident i guess) but without any warning. I literally arrive at work to find my app is not behaving the same as i left it the night before. Really annoying and concerning. [I am also still suffering the 6x WU increase bug from a month ago now].

The point is, If they are making behind-the-scenes changes & pushing live, shouldn’t that require us to at least have to press the ‘update to latest version’ button to prevent random s*it happening. ? hmmm

Will file a bug report.

Bubble do get annoying some time. but it worth it. :smiley:

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I agree, the positives TOTALLY outweigh the negatives. If they can just tighten up a few areas will be perfect.