Random Sorted List of things have different items then it set up as Custom State and pushed to Data

I have one trouble!

In my app i have Custom State WorkoutEx which is list of things .

What i do in my Workflow:

  1. I Set State WOSetEx in following logic:

  2. I push data to DB where use Custom State WOSetEx:

And i don’t know why, but items in WOSetEx and items DB are different.

Please help!

Hey @semisopsitica

Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble with this!

It can be hard to troubleshoot from screenshots like this, but there are a couple of things this could be. As a first step, it could be that your advanced filters are working differently than expected for any number of reasons. To test this, you might pull together a test page and run those same searches in a repeating group to visualize what it’s returning. With this method, you could adjust your filters as desired until they’re accomplishing the goal.

Once you’ve done the above, if this is still giving you trouble, I’d recommend reaching out to us directly at Support@Bubble.io so we can take a closer look into what might be going on.

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