Random when button clicked

Hi, I have a page that pick in a database random value, but i would like to click on a button and change the random value to other.
How can I manage to when I clicked on the button it will change the random value ?

Do a search and apply :random item in the end of dynamic expression.

Returns any single item from the list. This is mostly for display purposes, because the return may not be mathematically random.

yes I’ve done this, but how can I get new random value by clicking on a button ?
For example, The text is “Search for Players:random item’s name”, So when I arrived on this page a random player is displayed, but I want an other random player by clicking on a button

Use an action to send data to your page/group (idk where do you store the Thing). Add a condition where unique ID is not unique ID of a Thing that is currently displayed.

Can’t test cause not at desktop right now, but it should work.

what data I shoul send ?

How do you determine your initial data to be displayed?

“I have two databases, ‘player’ and ‘exercise,’ each of which has only the category ‘name.’ The user can create exercises and players. The goal is that when they have finished entering players and exercises, a group is displayed with two text zones. One text zone displays a random user by using “search for players:random item’s name” , and another displays a random exercise from the ‘player’ and ‘exercise’ databases, but with the constraint: creator = current user. So, the first time it is displayed, the values are random, but I want a button to be able to change the player and the exercise.”

So use same expression search for players:random item’s name, but add a constraint within your search for players unique ID is not current group/cell player unique ID.

and the button ?

Depending on what element you use to show your data - display data (for group) or display list (for repeating group).
For data source use dynamic expression from my previous post.

I don’t really understand, so here is an example of what I want to do : example | Bubble Editor
When I click on “do another exercise” I want that the random value change, I would like to know two things : How to have new value that have never been taken, and How to just have new value already taken or not just random.
Thanks for your help


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