Range Slider bug


My apologies in advance because I am certain I am going to get told this isn’t a bug, but from my perspective it is. I was using a range slider to allow a user to set values. When I was creating the “edit thing” interface, I was trying to make the slider show what the current values chosen in the range are. That is when I discovered that the range slider doesn’t support setting initial content even though the standard slider does. IMO, this is a bug because it renders the range slider a second class citizen compared to the simple slider. It creates an input element that can’t subsequently show the input it collected.

If the answer is “is it just a feature we don’t support” so be it, but IMO this lacking funcitonality renders the range slider significantly less useful.



Hi Marc :slight_smile: I thought this was a bug as well, since it seems like there should be two separate inputs for the initial content of the range slider! The way to do this now is actually to use one numeric range expression for the initial content. This can either by two values saved in the database, but in this example I used two inputs to make things easier:



The top two inputs are Input A and Input B. For the initial content of the input, you would use Input A’s value <—range—> Input B’s value:

Then preview mode will show that range:

That should do it! :slight_smile:


Thank you Faye. That works perfectly and makes this a much more useful element.

Part of the problem with documentation and historic message boards is that the reference docs don’t indicate that this is possible and when I was searching the forums for this I found a couple reference to Emmanuel saying there was no support for it.

Do you know of a preferred method for making a suggestion to update the reference docs?

Thanks again,


No problem at all! :slight_smile:

And ah, good point! I’m not 100% sure, but I think the best way is to email support@bubble.is and request a change. For example, you could attach this screenshot and then add the suggestion that range sliders’ initial content should be of type numeric range.

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