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Rank Users & Send Email When Complete?

I rank users by number of “posts” created in a month. How would I send users an email announcing the winner at the end of each month?

Seems easy? But what if there’s two winners?

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Data type of “user” with 12 fields for total posts in each month of the year. (I use a WF to count posts as it happens)

  • total posts created in Jan
  • total posts created in Feb
  • total posts created in Mar
  • etc.

Data type of “monthly winners” with fields for

  • user’s name
  • total number of posts created
  • month name

Now I want to create a recurring backend WF that will create a new “monthly winner” - so I can create an email that say’s “the January winner is Fred with a total of 15 posts created”.

This seems easy, I could just create a WF with a do a search for user, sorted by total posts created in jan: first item which will give me the 1st user in the list sorted by Jan - aka the winner. But what if there’s two winners?

I thought I could run workflow on a list and search for users until item#. Here’s how a tie is handled on a Repeating Group. But I can’t figure out how to run this same expression on a list through a Database search.

Any ideas?

Backend workflows that will be setup to have a recurring event maybe to get started which inside of it searches for the users (plural) with the highest (singular) count value…this will let you then trigger another backend workflow to send an email to a list of users (those with the highest count)…make it recursive so if there is more than one, it will run as many times as it needs.

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