Ranking options in Bubble Data

I am trying to create a quiz on bubble and have assigned following fields :

However when i am assigning rankings, they arent displayed in app data. Can anyone see where i am lacking?

It’s not clear from your question what you’re having trouble with here?..

Are you saying data is not saving correctly? Or you don’t know how to save it? Or what?

Share some more details of exactly what you’re trying to do, and where you’re having trouble…

the data for ranking field is not saving correctly. I have used “Make Changes to a List” in data for action, however, i am not able to see the correct option being stored in “App Data”.
so even when i am clicking on the trigger ( a button in this case), the data list for that particular field is not being saved in the database.

Have you checked in the debugger and server logs to see what’s going on?

If not, that’s the first thing to do (and without a lot more info about your problem, it’s about all anyone can tell you).

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