Ranking Sublists: Items within a list field?

Ranking a list of things is easy by sorting based on a ranking number field, but what if you want to rank/reorder a list within an item? that is: a list that is within a list field?

Hi @cheskiefisch you can do it via :filter command and if that’s not enough you have advanced option inside filter window which allow you to do even more .


I’m not looking to filter, i’m looking to rank

Sorting can be done via the :filter command. You need do call a search for element’s list of whatever:filter and then when you press filter you will get the options to manipulate that list of elements. Sorting is included within search for command and there you just select your rank .

Based on what field will it rank? since its a sublist it doesnt have a field for each item where i can save the rank/order #

You can sort based on the db fields of your items so assuming that you have something like this:

Main element db
Field 1
Field 2
List of subelements

Subelement db

Then you can sort your list of things based on Name and Rank + you select whether it should be ascending or descending .

But in my case a particular SUB-element can appear in multiple MAIN-Elements with its own sorting order, example: products on an invoice. the product is the SUB-Element whereas the Invoice is the Main Element, each invoice should have its own sorting

Try this:

Order items (list of type Order Line)

Order Line
Order (of type Order)
Line Number (can be used to “rank” the items)
Product (of type Product)
Quantity Ordered
Quantity Shipped

Warehouse Location
Qty in Stock

Now you can walk from Order to Order Lines to Product info and sort lines by Line Number.

And when you have inventory in multiple locations, you can do similar many to many between Product and Location. This is the fun part of database work.

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