Rant on support by Bubble

Bubble’s stances

  • If product management instructed us to do it this way or if they didn’t think of this scenario then it is not a bug, even if it is wrong behaviour of the product, or misleading/confusing behaviour.

    • One field’s “input type” is changing automatically when I click somewhere else in the editor, and it is an “expected behaviour”
    • Date picker has incorrect value being displayed from what it gives as its actual value, but it is expected behaviour!
  • Because it was happening in some “legacy code” like this and we migrated to it, it still behaves that way, and it is not a bug.

  • If there is a custom code written (even if it is just a JS call to call my own frontend facing API made in bubble to test it as there is no other way to test a frontend facing API), we won’t look into that matter calling out “custom code”

  • We’ll absolutely not accept it as a bug if you can’t reproduce it, even if you experience those very often and can show from your DB, server logs etc. that things didn’t work right.

  • We will only make changes to the elements/workflow behaviour when we feel it is right.

    • You can use other plugins to work around, but we won’t take responsibility if there is an issue in it and we won’t support those.
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Here’s how date picker works! (Check it out on https://beegle.app/version-test/test-date-picker)
Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 9.03.50 PM

And this is expected behaviour!

Settings of date picker to reproduce this.

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You’ve got your time interval set to 15 minutes…

So that’s behaving exactly as expected, isn’t it?

I think Bubble’s CS fam are super helpful. At least that’s my experience. Also I can imagine their backlog full of new features and bugs. Maybe they could do better with your case but anyhow community is always here for you man.

While you might be angry at the moment Bubble is still the best tool you wanna use. So why don’t you calm down and we are here for you. Maybe we can all find a workaround together.


Yes I am aware that time interval is set to 15 minutes. So I am okay with the display showing 21:15, but when I retrieve value of the date picker, I should then get 21:15 and not 21:03.

So it is basically showing something to user and storing some other value. Isn’t it?

Right. Yeah I probably need to calm and cool down. But it is not like I haven’t reached out to forum. I have reached out to both forum and customer support a lot of times, and yes both of these have supported a lot. Bubble’s CS folks have also supported well many times.

But! There are so many instances where we face issues, and in many of the cases where there is no response from forum. And then when we reach out to Support, I run into long threads with many to-and-fro discussions with them just to make them accept an issue itself.

One example thread where I got no response on forum and had a long thread with Support is this: Login via backend API needs a refresh?

Now on forums it is all voluntary effort by people, so I can’t lament on people not responding on a forum post. But then what recourse do we have if we want to build real serious applications which delight users and not really just build hobby projects?

Your initial content of the date time picker is ‘Current Date Time’.

I’m guessing you’re text is set to display the date/time picker’s value (which is the current date/time the time of the page load).

So what you’re seeing is the expected (even if it’s not the desired) behaviour.

I’d suggest setting the date picker’s initial content to the current date/time rounded to the nearest 15 minutes (I’m not certain what the easiest way to do that is without trying it, but there must be a few ways to achieve it…)

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Yeah that’s the thing. We are talking about workaround again instead of acknowledging that it is something that is wrong.

Unfortunately, I realised this issue in my application only after I saw some customer issues around it. Should that be the case in the application?

This is not at all obvious that this would behave like that.

Also as you say, workaround is not very obvious. It would be one complex expression to come up with that nearest 15 min slot, if at all it is possible. Otherwise I’ll have to do some workflow, custom state etc. for this while the date picker element is automatically doing that calculation. Just that it is not saving the the “value” to be same as what it is showing.

To me it is plain wrong that you show something to user and store something else!

It is not just not-desired. It is totally not expected in my view.

Tell me if you see this in an interface where you are booking a slot, would you not be annoyed if the interface ends up storing 21:03 instead of 21:15 that you thought it would book for?

In that instance the user is not selecting a value for the time component. And I agree it is not desired or ‘expected’ behavior from our perspective but very well could be expected based on how it was built. Unfortunately the CS team are not engineers or the type of position to make decisions on how to deploy resources to improve things based on user feedback.

It is a situation where the phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger” is handy to remember.

I’ve definitely had times though when raising a bug report that the first responder is not as experienced (remember Bubble is a young company and expanding its team, so bound to have some learning on the job newcomers), and I’ve had to carefully explain why the bug is a bug. In those events they re-examine and acknowledge the bug and later an engineer will fix it. Not necessarily the best use of my time, but it is what it is.

My point exactly! Ive had one of these issues, not this one specific come up what am i suppose to do…? Figure a want to code it using the little tools I have to make a work around. adding seconds to make minute that makes an hour that “hopefully makes the current time I need” - I spend 5 hrs, with no result.

Top top it off… look at the bubble documentation for developer.

This is great and all. But HOW DO YOU DO IT!? Where is the example on how to accomplish inside the editor???

Now I waste another 5 hrs trying to figure out what it is that will make this :ROUND TO work! Can you imagine my grief…? #%$%$% it’s very annoying. I know it’s not perfect, but give me a job at bubble and ill focus on writing great documentation! This is absurd.

So those that do not understand :Round to. I just figured it out.

If you want to achieve a rounding of a single digit when you have something like 3.8, inside your editor after your use the function " :round to " in the empty box that comes next, you will want to input a zero. So it goes something like this.

If you want to get a :round to of:
4 from 3.8 :round to 0
0.23 from 0.234 :round to 2
.2 from 0.234 found to 1

This example should be written out better. I hope this helps you. Here are some examples of me doing this in action.
Screenshot 2022-01-01 130024
Screenshot 2022-01-01 130006
Screenshot 2022-01-01 125336
Screenshot 2022-01-01 125438

When first word of the text is long, whole text doesn’t show up instead of truncating after available space. But this is “expected behaviour” as per Bubble.

Because in their definition “expected behaviour” is when it is working as per what is coded, not as per what would they or users have wanted.