Ratings database model

Is it better to have only 1 Ratings “thing” or better to have a Ratings “thing” for each type of rating?


I have a user database. I have a games data base. They each need a rating. Better to have 1 Ratings “thing” or split it up so I have userRatings “thing”, and gamesRating “thing”.

If I do a singular Ratings “thing” with field types of user, and rating, I could have another field for userRating of type user and another field of gameRating of type games. Then in the user database i just have a list of Ratings and in the games database I have a list of Ratings as well. Is there better or is it better to split them up or does it matter? I hope this makes sense… :laughing:


I ended up just using one ratings thing in my database for my solution…


Yeah I’d say 1 rating this would be best, then have a field in ratings to identify which type of rating it is