Ratings not functioning properly

I have been trying to do this the entire day but not getting it.
While trying to add ratings to a user the system is entirely omitting some conditions, rather it is focusing only on the last item.

The conditions mentioned above says 'Make changes to User> Search for users> then there are several conditions in which I am asking it to filter by Accepted jobs and email id of the parent groups jobs SP, which is v@test.com in this case.

Jobs image

But the result I am getting is that Ratings are getting added to a@hh.com whos neither email id is matching nor has any accepted jobs under it.
What may be the issue?


Just question, why are you using a list?
Did you tried to filter using :filter?

You mean filter ratings, can you please elaborate a little more?
I am trying to get the average of ratings which are numbers between 1 and 5 hence I am using a list of numbers.
If there is a better way out then I am all ears.

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